NAMFS was founded in 1988 with the stated mission to provide its membership with a voice to all parties within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.  In our 33 years of existence, NAMFS has been a key voice and participant in shaping our industry. Selective accomplishments include:

  • The creation of the MBA Type 1 & 2 Inspection Form,
  • Provided technical direction, guidance, and best business practices to shape investor and government guidelines/regulations,
  • Partnered to create an industry standard background check,
  • Led efforts identifying our industry as an essential business during the Covid 19 pandemic,
  • Created technology standards for photos and video,
  • Created and industry standard PCR (property condition report), which was shared with MISMO
  • Delivered alternative guidelines and pricing for clearboarding. 

Today we need your help to ensure our industry remains sustainable.  Despite our many accomplishments together we continue to be faced with challenges that pull us away from our core mission of helping the communities in which we live and serve. A sustainable and healthy field services industry must have fair and accurate pricing schedules and guidelines. For us to address this key imperative we need your continued support.  

Pricing has remained largely unchanged since the publication of HUD Mortgagee Letter 2016-02, which provided several new allowables and some modest increases. It has been over 20 years since the fee schedules have been updated to account for the additional costs in materials, labor and equipment required to protect at risk communities.

To address this critical issue NAMFS has explored engagement with a highly accomplished firm that specializes in raising awareness and bringing this concern to the forefront of the agencies that can effect change.  The NAMFS Board of Directors have approved a proposal as part of our July 2021 monthly Board Meeting. 

This engagement has a significant cost of $120,000 which covers strategy, outreach, and weekly calls.  NAMFS has committed an initial $10,000 from our savings to start this partnership.  NAMFS is seeking support from all industry providers and your support is crucial to the success of this pricing adjustment initiative.  This initiative will address:

  • Current Property Preservation & Inspection Allowables across all investors/insurers
  • Cost of Living/Living Wage Consideration
  • Frequency of Periodic Reviews
  • Potential “New” Allowables
  • Possible Extensions to Completion & Conveyance Timeframes

If you can help support the Industry Pricing Adjustment initiative, we would appreciate a donation in any amount.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.  Your donation will be utilized to offset the costs.  Any surplus will be set aside for reinvestment in future NAMFS initiatives.